Everyday Beauty Secrets: AM & PM

Aside from all the other fabulous beauty pointers I have given over the years on my Behind The Brush Blog, online and on national television, I want to share some other words of wisdom with you that will hopefully make a unique difference in your daily routine.

“Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else.”
~ Judy Garland

Here are some of my everyday AM and PM beauty secrets to help you be a “first-rate version of yourself” every morning, and keep you moving upward and forward each day.

Rockin’ the AM

Good morning sunshine. Your body wakes up quicker when it’s daylight outside. I recommend keeping your curtains open so the sun can help you wake more naturally. In the winter, you can use a sunlight box with a timer.

Cold water. If you want to wake up quicker and stay a wake, try a splash (or three) of cold water to your face. If that’s too much of a shock, try drinking a glass of cold water because it stimulates the body and helps you stay awake.

Eat a healthier breakfast. A whole-grain bagel with light cream cheese and green tea is a great way to start the day. In addition to the antioxidant benefits, green tea has caffeine and is high in the amino acid L-theanine that has a calming effect and aids with concentration. You will gain a different level of alertness when you drink green tea especially in the morning (helping you to feel a caffeine-like “awake” effect even).

ALWAYS brush your teeth. You don’t need to spend a lot of time doing this in the morning, because nighttime brushing is the most important. Dedicate at least 30 seconds in the morning.

ALWAYS use deodorant (maybe even body spray). Perspiration is mostly odorless until bacteria grow which causes body odor. Be sure your armpits are dry before applying deodorant. To feel fresh throughout the day, I also recommend wearing a light fragrance –like any out of my Live+Love+Laugh Fragrance Trio. Apply to your wrists, ankles, and sides of your neck (keep a deodorant and your body spray in your bag to apply again later if needed).

Check yourself out. Yes, really, you should do this. Before you leave your home: Look in the mirror, smile and say the mantra: “I will remember to smile!”

Rollin’ thru the PM

No night time carbs or sugar or salt or caffeine. Sorry: no rice, no pasta, no bread and no potatoes at night. It’s better to eat a high-protein, low-sugar dinner. I recommend wild salmon and lightly grilled asparagus (a natural diuretic). Believe me, you’ll wake up in the morning with more defined cheekbones and less puffy eyes. Dermatologists say that when your diet is high in glycemic carbohydrates, your features take on a “soft, doughy appearance.” Especially avoid that late night snack bag of potato chips and/or tub of cookie dough ice cream. If you feel an urge for something crunchy or dessert-y, try a small romaine salad tossed in a light balsamic or a Greek-style yogurt. If you must have a coffee (or a Diet Coke) at night, be sure it’s decaffeinated so you can sleep well.

Don’t tug and scrub your eyelids. Take care of your delicate lower eyelids while taking off your mascara at the day’s end. Wrinkles and bags can be intensified when you pull and scrub your eyelid. Tense your lower eyelid while you remove your eye makeup to prevent skin from stretching. Gently stroke or pat with a clean washrag or cotton ball from the outer corner of your eye in to the bridge of your nose. (You may remember what I’ve said before about taking your make-up off before you go to bed and the mantra: “I will not go to sleep with my make-up on.”)

Shrink puffy eyes. Your eyes are windows to your soul because they truly and deeply reflect your state of mind. If you have red, puffy, watery, or bloodshot eyes every morning, you won’t be revealing the true you. Perhaps you have allergies. Taking an antihistamine like Claritin (Loratadine) before going to sleep could help you in as little as a week (Before using any medication, tell your doctor or pharmacist your medical history). Also use my extra rich, water-free, highly concentrated night treatment Reorganize Night Eye Balm, you will notice firmer, more lifted, less lined eye area as it treats and protects the delicate tissue around the eye all night.

Relax, even just for a minute. A lot of you like to catch up on technology at night–watching television or checking emails–but studies show that can affect the quality of your sleep. A little inner peace goes a long way. Unwind instead with relaxing bath, a little yoga or a quick meditation. This will focus your mind, calm your soul, and center yourself inward. If not meditation, just being quiet at the end of the night helps. You can slow down your heart rate and perhaps feel a sense of calmness during sleep. I suggest practicing a “mindful minute” of breathing. First, close your eyes and slowly take an “in” breath while you count to 8, hold it for 2 counts, then release an “out” breath for 8 counts. Another simple meditation I like (especially for those of you who might have a hard time stopping the internal chatter) allows negative thoughts to be diffused by the repetition of positive words in a one-minute mantra of: “I must take care of my needs and myself first.” Remember, relaxing before you go to bed allows you sleep better and you will wake up looking better.

Clean air. Breathe fresh air during the night. The quality of the air in your bedroom can affect your appearance in the morning. Air purifiers help you breathe better at night since they remove allergens and pollutants in the air. If you don’t have an air purifier and it’s a cool night perhaps open a screened window a little. You’ll wake up in the morning with a more refreshed face, lungs, body and mind.

ALWAYS brush your teeth. Spend more time with your toothbrush each night. It is so important to remove the hidden deposits of the day. Saliva has self-cleansing properties. Saliva flow (and the swallowing reflex) decreases at night when you sleep so chances of decay are more if brushing isn’t done. Food particles that aren’t removed will ferment from the bacteria in the mouth to produce an acid. This causes tooth decay. (Also, brush your tongue (front to back) each night).

Plump your lips overnight. This secret can be fun and beautiful. Apply a double dose of lip plumper at night. Use my Lip 6X Lip Amplifying Serum on your lips, lip lines and lip edges each evening to keep your lips moisturized and become plumper overnight. Your lips will look fuller, more amplified, and extra luscious in the morning. It may be used more frequently for increased results because it has vectorized peptides and collagen-injected liposomes combined with tissue-supporting chondroitin (isn’t that a mouthful of awesomeness?).

Rest and sleep on your back. The eternally classic beauty Audrey Hepburn said lying on your stomach is bad for “beauty sleep.” I concur. The “sleeping on your back” position balances your body weight and keeps your internal organs aligned (and to keep your back aligned, put a pillow under your knees). Think about this: most of your head weighs seven to eight pounds, and that’s a lot of pressure to put on your face every night! (I’ve heard that many dermatologists can tell what side of the face you sleep on by the number of wrinkles–so I hope you’ll agree: no more stomach or side position sleeping, please.)

Raise your head upwards. Prop your head up on an extra pillow to prevent fluid from settling. You can also put the headrest area of your bed on 2- to 4-inch pieces of wood. This is a time when gravity helps you with lymph and blood flow so fluids won’t accumulate under your eyes and in your face.

I hope my morning and evening beauty secrets help keep you upwardly mobile-–moving forward and outward and beyond each and every day.

“Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m possible’!”
~ Audrey Hepburn

Have a Beautiful Day (& Night!),


Look Fab in Holiday Photos

It seems everywhere I go nowadays someone is pulling out a camera. Whether it’s a digital point-and-shoot or a phone camera, people are photo-happy (or photo-crazed) and taking pictures of everyone, everything and anything. These pictures are quickly uploaded to Facebook, Twitter (and who knows where else).

This 21st century instantaneous phenomenon, gives a completely new meaning to “Insta-matic!” But more photo ops means more photo faux pas. It’s good to be prepared for that compulsive picture taker/uploader (from your BFF to your kid), as well as the obligatory holiday gathering photo.

As many of you know, I do hair and make-up for my celebrity clients at their magazine and photo shoots. They tell me their tricks, tips and secrets of how to look fab in photos–whether it’s paparazzi in Beverly Hills, the red carpet in Hollywood and even the holidays at home (with their very own photo-maniac relatives).

Here are some of the Tips & Tricks I have picked up over the years from my celebrity friends, my photographer pals, and my experiences at these Hollywood parties, worthy charity events, and on the red carpets.

The head turner. Look at the camera using one eye, which turns your head ever so slightly to the side. Know your good side and use it (usually the side you part your hair on). Look into the lens and imagine that you are looking at someone you absolutely adore or genuinely admire.

The head tilt. Avoid the dreaded double chin shot caused by a bad camera angle and a bad pose. First, try to have the picture taker stand a little higher than you. Now look up at the camera, tilt your head a little, forward shoulder down and stick your neck out a bit more than normal (it’s called “The Chicken” or “The Turtle”). This may feel strange and contorted, but believe me it will look better on camera. Also, fab photo secret weapon (told to my friend by her European male model ex-husband): Put your tongue on the roof of the mouth and watch your chin disappear even more!

The J-Lo twist. Stand sideways, with your best side toward the camera. I call it, “putting your best foot forward.” Practice in a mirror at home beforehand if you need to. There’s a reason that celebs use the same poses in so many pictures–they know how to “work it” and they literally put their best foot (and side) forward.

Give yourself some air. Leave some “air” between your body and your arms. You can make your arms appear thinner if you either put your hands on your hips or hold them slightly away from your upper body.

Laugh out loud. Do it right before your photo. If you are nervous, laughing out loud really helps to loosen you up. Be sure to have fun or at least look like you are having fun. Really, the camera can be your new BFF if you make up your mind to start to enjoy picture taking. (Wear any of my Live+Love+Laugh Fragrance Trio to remind yourself not to worry and to be happy even in photos.)

The red carpet special. For that “hey there, I’m looking back over-my-shoulder at you” look. Have some fun in your holiday snapshots and pretend you’re on the red carpet posing for the throngs of celebrity photographers and official paparazzi. Some celebrities recommend you think about winning the lottery (research shows that a “winning attitude” is clearly evident in photos).

Classic dark (without going Goth). If you wear something darker in color, it helps to slenderize. Maybe put a bit of bright color near the face (maybe even your lips–how about my Tint & Shine Villa Rosa Lip Stain & Gloss!), so your picture “pops.”

Lovely lipstick. If you don’t have time, lick your lips right before the snapshot. (Hint: use my Lip 6X Lip Amplifying Serum often to help keep your lips moisturized).

Va-voom your hair. Lean over, shake your hair a bit and fluff it up, flip your head up and Va-Voom, you have fab photo hair for a few moments.

Wear your confidence on your sleeve (or your fave dress). Dress in your favorite outfit that you know you look great in. But don’t overdo it (PLEASE, not that fabulous prom dress from 1992). Avoid shiny clothing because it is distracting. Remove bulky clothing from around your face. Keep your neckline area open and maybe even adorn it with a fabulous necklace.

Get together. If you are with one or two or seven friends in a photo, put all your heads together–it definitely shows your bond and mutual affection in photos.

“Take two” (or three or ten shots). Shoot several pictures because it’s digital and it’s delete-able! If you take one photo landscape (horizontal), have your picture-taker, at least, shoot another one portrait (vertical) too. I sometimes hear “let’s shoot one for safety” on movie sets even when they get it right. I think that’s a great idea when you are taking snapshots, too, especially during holiday gatherings (inevitably someone blinks or your “Cousin Eddie” puts rabbit ears on someone).

Be aware of lighting and protruding objects. Make sure no poles or Christmas Trees or Menorahs stick out of your head or your ear. Try to position yourself in front of a lighter background. Caution: Too much light, you’ll look blown out like a ghost. Warning: Not enough light, you’ll look dark and shadowy like a ghoul.

Zoom in. For a more flattering shot, have the picture-taker stand farther away from you and use the zoom lens to get close. Your features will look better (nose, chin, ears) and it feels less intrusive, too.

Into the night. If flash is used, step away from the light. Don’t shoot into a black hole – avoid dark “dead space” behind you. Try to find a festive background (but not too busy).

Be yourself. Bottom line: please, just relax. Don’t try too hard or over-think your pose, make it fun. Your pictures will be more natural and reflect the real you.

And remember what I wrote to you in my November blog: the most important things about looking great during the holidays (and in life) are the simplest: Smile and reveal your inner radiance!

Have a Beautiful Holiday Season,

Travel Tips: Carry-On Fundamentals

I travel a lot for my shows and my appearances around the country and to the other side of the world. Over the years, many of my gal pals and fans have either asked me what they should carry-on or they have shared their fundamental carry-on necessities with me. Especially with the holidays coming up, I decided it was time to put together a handy list just for you.

I recommend putting the following “Carry-On Fundamentals” into a cute tote bag that fits under the seat so you can have easy access to them during flight.

I think most seasoned travelers know carrying on medications is most important, but if you are an inexperienced traveler this might not be as obvious. There are many Transportation Security Administration regulations of what you can and cannot carry on, but always take your medications with you on board just in case your luggage doesn’t arrive in time or is lost.

Remember to moisturize often during the flight. Collagenesis 24 Hour Wrinkle & Dryness Relief Balm comes in a 1.3-ounce size that is perfect for carry-ons (and TSA regulations).

small travel toothbrush/toothpaste
I recently discovered Colgate Wisps mini toothbrushes. They are smaller than your lipstick, they are disposable and they have a breath-freshening bead to give you a clean, fresh mouth without water or rinsing.

antibacterial single use wipes
I like Wet Ones Hands & Face Wipes Singles. They are thick, moist cloths and great for you to use for those quick clean-ups when soap and water are not available.

travel-size facial tissue and travel-size nail kit

sunglasses, eyeglasses, contact lenses

eye drops
When your tired eyes get dried out, lubricant eye drops, like SYSTANE® ULTRA, are especially soothing for long flights.


mini make-up bag
For a mini makeover before you land be sure to have: Wet Lips Super Shine Gloss, Bright Eyes – Eye Enhancing Treatment, Little Black Books of Looks, and Luxe Premier Fiber Optic Mascara.

classy cashmere shawl
Not only does a shawl looks great on you at night when you arrive at your destination, but it can keep you warm while in flight or in an over-chilled hotel room.

one pair of clean panties & a bra
Just in case your luggage is lost or delayed.

I hope my check list of carry-on fundamentals helps. If you have travel tips of your own not listed here, please include them in the Comments section below.

Travel Lightly and Lovely,

DIY Mani & Pedi at Home

Even though you may keep your hands and feet covered in these colder months, you should still pamper them regularly.  My customers tell me they want to save money where they can nowadays, but they also want to take care of themselves. I have a fabulous idea! How about doing your Mani-Pedi at home? Do something special (and budget-conscious) for yourself. It’s a great way to get you into a gift–giving mood and it’s just in time for the upcoming holidays.

Create a spa-like experience at home with this Do-It-Yourself manicure and pedicure tutorial.

To begin, gather these items:

● Nail File
● Fingernail Clippers
● Toenail Clippers
● Small Nail Scissors
● Cuticle Stick (birch wood or orangewood)
● Nail Buffing Block or Disc
● Pumice Rock
● Hand Towels
● Nail Polish Remover
● Rubbing Alcohol
● Cotton Balls
● Warm Bowl of Water
Milky Protein Cleanser
Sweet & Smooth Body Polish
Crème Extreme
Body Balm Extreme
Hand Restore Hand Cream
Hard Coat Nail Polishes
● Soft Foam Fingernail/Toenail separators (optional).

Find a comfortable space in your home then, light a favorite aromatic candle and place it nearby (but not next to you).

Let’s start with your Pedicure:

● Remove any old polish.
● Add two tablespoons of Milky Protein Cleanser to warm container of water and soak feet for 10 minutes.
● Use a pumice rock on tough calluses, soak for a few more minutes and pat feet dry.
● Trim with straight-edge toenail clipper–straight across (this minimizes in-grown toenails)
● Push cuticles with angled-tipped cuticle stick toward nail bed. Remember, do not cut cuticles, as they help protect the nail bed from infection.
● Exfoliate feet for a couple of minutes with Sweet & Smooth Body Polish and then rinse. (Great way to exfoliate hands while you are at it too!)
● For that extra special spa “touch” on your home pedicure, microwave a damp towel for a couple minutes, make sure it’s not too hot, put Crème Extreme moisturizer on feet and wrap in warm moist towel for 10 minutes
● Soak a cotton ball with regular rubbing alcohol then wipe nails clean so they are ready for the polish.
● Apply several thin coats of my Hard Coat Nail Polish (try bright Red Hot or Black Cherry).
● Clean up smudges, if necessary with the cuticle stick dipped in nail polish remover.
● Allow toenail polish to dry and harden thoroughly.
● Moisturize feet and legs with Crème Extreme lotion; follow with my Body Balm Extreme massaged into rough patches of skin on heels.

Next, let’s go all out with your Manicure:

● Remove old nail polish.
● Add two tablespoons of Milky Protein Cleanser to warm bowl of water and soak hands for 5 minutes. Pat hands dry.
● Trim hangnails carefully with small nail scissors.
● Trim and file fingernails to a classy 1/2” practical length in a lovely square-oval shape–a “squoval.” Try to match the shape of your nail base to your nail tip with a squoval (a great shape for both slender and chubby hands). It makes fingernails more resistant to tears and cracks, too. Remember to file nails in one direction only.
● Gently push cuticles with angled-tipped cuticle stick toward nail bed. Do not cut cuticles, as they help protect the nail bed from infection.
● Buff nails smooth with buffing block or disc.
● Exfoliate hands for a couple of minutes with Sweet & Smooth Body Polish and then rinse. Lightly pat dry.
● Moisturize hands and up the arms with Crème Extreme lotion. Follow with a gentle massage of Body Balm Extreme into your hands.
● Remember to get all the lotions off your fingernails (so the polish will stick). You can soak a cotton ball with regular rubbing alcohol then wipe nails clean.
● Apply a thin base coat of my Hard Coat Nail Polishes but in a broad wide stroke with the whole brush–one stroke down the middle from the cuticle to tip, and one swipe down each side (go from pinky to thumb on each hand). Then repeat with a second thin layer. Let dry. If needed, finish with a third, thin topcoat.
● Clean up any smudges with the cuticle stick dipped in nail polish remover along edge of nails to fix any glitches.
● Allow polish to dry and harden thoroughly.
● Soften–often–with Hand Restore twice daily by applying liberally to palms and backs of hands. Allow treatment to absorb in so it creates a moisture barrier.
● Kick back and enjoy your beautiful at home Mani-Pedi! (Remember to blow out your aromatic candle!)

Your basic at-home manicure can last up to one month, here are some tips to help achieve that:

● Roll nail polish bottle between palms before use. Shaking can sometimes cause bubbles
● Use Crème Extreme lotion on hands daily to “maintain & prolong” your home manicure.
● Protect your home manicure: nail buff any chips, fill in chip, apply top coat.
● Protect your home pedicure: regular exfoliating with pumice stone in shower and my Body Balm Extreme after.
● Refresh and hydrate your Mani-Pedi with my energizing tonic Pure Energy Replenishing Mineral Bath–spray on hands and feet daily, it feels really great!
● If you are out-and-about and get a small fingernail snag, grab a matchbook and use rough edge to file it down!
● Plan to change your polish color in two weeks if you want a different look, your hands and feet will still be soft and look great!

Here are a few of my assorted tips and tricks and taboos:

● Finger and toe nail polish doesn’t need to match–try Black Cherry on your toes and Red Hot on your fingers!
● French tips are out! So are  long fake, square acrylics, glitter and rhinestone and cheesy charms.
● Shorter trimmed fingernails with darker gun metal, gray-beige are in.
● Keep nails all one length. If one breaks, trim them all down to that length and start over.
● Nail gels are in, they can last two to three weeks, and are relatively easy to brush on like polish.
● Big hands need Big Rings! If you have big hands, or crooked fingers, choose big chunky rings, not small dainty rings.
● Nude-ish color nails, like my Truly Mauvelous Hard Coat Nail Polish, make hands look longer and younger.
● Keep polishes in cool, dry place, like the fridge. Be sure to let them warm up to room temperature before use.

Have a Beautiful Day!

Style Advice: Fall Fashion Makeover

Here are some celebrity wardrobe secrets and Fall fashion trends on how to glam it up at night which I have gathered from my clients and recently seen on the runways. A big trend right now is “color blocking,” where you wear different bright colors in one outfit. This trend began in Spring with bright 80’s colors, but now it’s time to switch it up with some rich Fall shades.

If you decide to become more daring with color blocking, look for deeper, bold pops of color that you might have bought in the Spring, then layer on sweaters and pull on knit tights for an awesome Fall appearance. Or you can experiment and just do a little color blocking with bright colors on your accessories. Watch out on your “bling” because it adds weight to your look. This means anywhere you put sparkle, sequins, rhinestones, bright patterns, even velvet, it will add at least 5-10 pounds.

Image Courtesy Neiman Marcus

Image Courtesy Nordstrom

Skinny jeans are a great alternative but they look best on slimmer shapes because they amplify your hips and thighs. Don’t despair if you aren’t skinny, because the wider-leg pant with a higher heel option looks great on you–think 70’s style.

Image Courtesy Nordstrom

Image Courtesy Nordstrom

To finish off your look I recommend you match outfits with glam shoes because a great outfit can be ruined with bad shoes. High stacked heels are in and wedges are awesome because they can lengthen legs, especially with longer pant legs. As always, I say “go strappy” sandals if you have small feet, and if you have bigger feet and not-so-small legs you can lengthen your look with nude pumps.

And if all else fails wear the color of the season, RED! Accent it with gold, black or nudes and you’ll be ready for those Fall parties.

Image Courtesy Neiman Marcus

Image Courtesy Neiman Marcus

Also, remember that when the clocks “fall back” from Daylight Saving Time on November 6th, you’ll get an extra hour “out” to enjoy those glam Fall nights, so have fun!

Have a Beautiful Day!

Style Advice: Makeover Your Hair this Fall

Rihanna’s Fantasy Hair

Many of you have heard me say my mission is to “Bring out the beauty in everyone”, that “What you believe, others perceive”, and that “Astonishing beauty is not a destination, it’s a lifelong journey”. If you are not sure when and where to start your journey, I think Fall is a great time to fix your hair so you can really change your whole look. So let’s start your Fall Makeover with some style advice for your hair!

Your hair makes or breaks you because it’s an extension of your personality. That’s why it’s so important to get your hair color right. There is what I call “fantasy hair” (like Rihanna’s red coifs), and then there is “reality hair” which requires less upkeep and effort to maintain (remember roots aren’t good – period). I’d recommend you go to a great hair stylist. You can ask people whose hair you admire who they use for their hair.

I also recommend you look at a photo of yourself as a child when considering your hair color (up or down a shade, but not too close to your skin color) because it probably will look best on you today. Mother Nature usually gets it right!

Something else to consider is the tone of your skin. Basically, if you are warm skin tone (yellow or golden tinted) go for cool hair color (don’t do red or copper or gold). If you are cool skin tone (pink or blue tinted) choose a warm color (including red, copper, and gold). I do think it’s okay to go both totally cool tones if you have really light skin and are bold enough to go much, much darker with black hair. To figure out if you are warm or cool skin tone, look at your veins in your arms in natural light: Blue veins mean you are Cool; Green veins mean you are Warm.

Another pointer I give my clients (which may sound weird at first) is that you really only need to wash your hair once a week, unless you have super fine hair. Yes, those first seven days may feel awful, but if you wash less frequently (especially longer hair; shorter hair a little more often) your scalp will adjust and your hair will actually start to feel better and look better for a longer time. If you have longer hair, you can brush it to distribute natural oils throughout, which is often better than using hair products on your hair and scalp. If you need, you can put a small amount of baby powder in your hair to lessen the oily feeling. Baby powder soaks up the oil, is an instant degreaser, and will even help give fine hair three or four extra days between shampooing.

Not sure what to do with your hair for 7 days? Here are my tips on how to style your hair each day for a week to keep your new look fresh, fun and fashionable:

Day 1: Your hair is freshly washed, blow it out and wear it down and flowing.
Day 2: This is the day it will look the best and is the most manageable, part your hair in an unexpected side and pin it back for a little bit of a retro look.
Day 3: Pull back into a low ponytail, something easy, pretty and keep that side part.
Day 4: Try a side or fishtail braid, either of which are very popular right now (plenty of how-to’s available on YouTube).
Day 5: Use baby powder to soak up some of the oils, and wear hair down, brush out and re-fluff with a blow dryer on low.
Day 6: Wear with a slim head-band and have your hair pulled away from your face.
Day 7: Add a little more baby powder, if necessary, and wear in a chic chignon (not a bun).

Eva Longoria shows off a few of the styles mentioned above

I hope you stay tuned to my Behind the Brush blog for more style advice! Have a great Fall!

Have a Beautiful Day!

Metallic Smokey Eye

There isn’t a woman alive who doesn’t want to feel sexy. Whether your sexiest look includes wearing a skintight red dress or six-inch black stiletto pumps, always pair your vixen look with a Metallic Smokey Eye for that undeniable sizzle.

Here are my tips to creating that perfect look for the days and nights you want to channel the likes of Kim Kardashian and Scarlett Johansson. In this video you’ll learn my tricks for flawless application of this timeless look, including when to wet and dry your make-up brush.

Few make-up looks can compete with the sultriness of the smokey eye, so use my guidelines and get the look that is not only forever seasonal, but foolproof for making you look irresistible.

Here is the direct link to the channel itself: www.youtube.com/skinncosmetics

See you on YouTube!

My Favorite Dessert Recipe: The “Medusa”

When I travel to Australia for my shows and I get a craving for Greek food, I simply must visit Medusa Greek Taverna in downtown Sydney. They are delicious! You’ve probably heard me mention it before in my shows. Plus, Lena, the famed restaurant proprietor, is delightful!

After what’s always an awesome meal, I usually swear I’m full and couldn’t have another bite–that is, until I cave in and order dessert. But not just any dessert, I order the “Medusa”, their exquisite and exclusive dessert made up of Ouzo, Strawberries, Pomegranate Coulis, Anise Ice Cream and Rose Water Fairy Floss (my mouth waters just writing this). I love it so much that I asked the owner if I could share the recipe of my most favorite dessert with you. Lena said ‘yes’!

Here are the Ingredients:
• One large container of strawberries (halved or sliced in thirds)
• One container of raspberries
• 3 tbsp. of Ouzo Greek Liqueur (available at most fine liquor stores)
• 3 tbsp. of powdered sugar
• ½ cup pomegranate juice (I like to use Pom brand)
• Vanilla ice cream

Here are the Directions to make one at home:
1) On high, blend together raspberries, Ouzo, pomegranate juice, and sugar.
2) Pour through a strainer into storage container – this is called a “coulis.”
3) Add the strawberries so that the coulis permeates them well and refrigerate until ready to use.
4) Place one scoop of good vanilla ice cream into a martini glass, and pour coulis over scoop.
5) Spoon strawberries on top as desired. Note, when you pour the coulis & strawberries mixture over the ice cream it will drizzle down. Pour more coulis over strawberries.

Medusa serves it topped with Rose Water Fairy Floss, and sprinkled with icing (powdered sugar).

When I travel halfway around the world from America to Australia, it takes a toll on me, but this delectable concoction is a small pleasure that always makes my day. It’s the most delicious dessert I’ve ever had. Please let me know if you try this and share your favorite dessert recipe with me.

Have a Delicious Day,

Mother’s Day Makeovers

Mother’s Day has come and gone, but in my book every day should be Mother’s Day. My mother is my original source of inspiration. Every woman deserves to feel beautiful, but it can sometimes be difficult for a busy mom to make time for a beauty routine. I travel the world, bringing beauty around the globe with Skinn Cosmetics. This allows me to interact with so many people and meet women of all backgrounds. It never ceases to amaze me how hard working and dedicated mothers are to both their families, and their careers. Mom’s are some of the busiest women I know, so it goes without saying that they are often pressed for time in the morning when getting ready to greet the day. Busy or not, all mothers deserve to feel beautiful.

Last week I was asked to participate in giving three real mothers a makeover (that aired on NBC local news in Los Angeles). It really only took me about 10 minutes to do their make-up. Yes, I’m a professional make-up artist but everything I did was simple, no fancy tricks. I wasn’t thinking Fashion Show or Magazine Shoot. I was thinking about moms and how I can’t be there to do their make-up every day! I wanted to make them look put together, gorgeous, trendy, but real.

It also really helped that I only used five simple beauty items from my line. These items “multi-task” and serve many functions. I started with Plasma Foundation – primer, foundation, and setting powder serves as the perfect base. Next, blush, bronzer, and lip color in one, such as my Color Touch in Sizzle. Smudge Sticks work as both eyeshadow and eyeliner, and my Luxe Premier Shadows can be used wet or dry to create looks for every occasion. I finished by applying mascara like my Luxe Premier Fiber Optic Mascara to complete the look.

It was a pleasure working with Jennifer, Ferrari, and Carol!

3-Minute Make-up Tutorial
My latest how-to video is also great for you busy ladies. Or those of you that want a quick way to get some make-up on to face your day without feeling heavy or “made up”. Even if you’re not a mom, I know women are always busy. From young college girls to active senior ladies, women are amazing!

I am pleased to share my “3-Minute Make-up” tutorial – designed to help you get ready in a flash, so that you can look and feel beautiful every day, not just on special occasions. Get a glowing complexion, rosy cheeks, and come-hither eyes in less time than it takes to make your morning coffee!

Here is the “After” image showing the results:

Have a Beautiful Day,

Get the Look: Kate Middleton’s Royal Wedding Make-up

Kate Middleton was breathtakingly beautiful on her wedding day. True to her down-to-earth style, England’s new princess chose to do her own make-up on her special day. Her look was sophisticated yet simple, timeless and elegant yet unfussy. Kate is a real, relatable young woman who is also soon to be considered a style and fashion icon.  She’s gorgeous in a classic, elegant way and her wedding day make-up look reflected that. I’d like to share my tips on how to get this royal look using a few versatile beauty products, and easy-to-follow instructions.

First, use a foundation an primer in one to create a semi-matte finish. I recommend using Skinn’s new Plasma Foundations for a flawless looking complexion.  This is a primer foundation and setting powder in one that can stand up to the demands of a royal wedding day–endless photographs, tears, and hugs.  After applying foundation, sweep a soft pink blush onto cheeks for a beautiful glow.

Next, I recommend individual extensions of real hair upper lashes for a long, romantic and most importantly, natural look.  Eye make-up would begin with a base coat of nude flesh tone shadow all over the eyelid from lash line to brow, plum-brown contouring, and lining the lower lash line with the same plum-brown shade. Then, line the upper and lower lid with a Smudge Stick in Egyptian clay brown, going over the lines with a brush to smudge and soften.

To finish, highlight the brow bone with a golden ivory shadow and fill in the eyebrows with light brown powder. I prefer matte shades with no pearl or shimmer to keep the look classic and timeless.  It’s the eyes that should sparkle, not the eye make-up.  Finally, coat the lashes with the blackest of black mascara. Don’t forget to fill in and shape your eyebrows, they frame your face.

With the emphasis on the eyes, lips should remain neutral and creamy. To get the perfect princess pout, first line the entire lip, then fill it in with my waterproof Smudge Stick in Prose.  Next comes Twin Set lipstick and gloss in Skinny Dip.  It’s a look that will work perfectly from day into evening for a look that’s simple yet regal–like the princess herself.

This look is perfect for any special occasion where you want to look poised and polished and not over-done.

Have a Beautiful Day,

Did you watch the Royal Wedding? How about some Trivia? The first three comments to respond correctly will win every single item used to create this look.

Good Luck!

Trivia Questions:
1. What did Prince William whisper to Kate once she reached the Altar?
2. Who designed the wedding gown?
3. How many times did the couple kiss on the balcony?

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